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Update (7/27/2014)

2014-07-28 02:20:05 by crazygamer88

I'm not likely going to post in newgrounds due to other social media I use. I'll post them up if I'm active enough in here.


Newgrounds related stuff:

Been playing BattleBlock Theater for the past week, and it's a high quality platformer game. It's a must have game especially if you plan on playing co-op with a friend. You also won't get bored of playing the same levels since this game supports user created levels on the steam version. My only issue is the default binds for the keys aren't exactly intuitive. At least you can bind keys the way you want to with alternative controls. Other than that, It's a solid game.

Update (10/28/2012)

2012-10-28 17:46:17 by crazygamer88

College and hiatus prevented me from going online in newgrounds. I still won't be able to make music until I acquire a mac.

Anyways, here's the highlights for myself recently:
-Earned "Beat Zico" (WipEout HD fury) [PS3]
Note: 1% of the owners have this achievement
-Five more characters reached insane status (Castle Crashers) [PS3]
-Collected everything functional dealing with gameplay (Team Fortress 2) [PC]

Highlights for everyone:
-Castle Crashers now available on Steam for $15 ($14.99)
Note: Can cross-play with Xbox 360 users

I will help people play Castle Crashers if they're willing to learn. I'm not as strong as before though, but I can still slaughter.

I've been experimenting a few things what I can do to make my music better in Little Big Planet 2. So far, I'm still lacking in the melody department, but my beats are fleshing out very nicely compared to before. I'm still trying to make a castle crashers character in there, but no success as of now.

On the other hand, I completed Castle Crashers in insane mode with 7 different characters for the PS3 version (I don't own an Xbox 360). I hope I can be the first person to get everyone to level 99 and finish insane mode with the rest of the characters (including the pink knight).

Anyways... my PSN is xforcegamer88. Please message me with your newgrounds screen name if you talk to me in the PS3. I tend to delete random, empty messages.

-Ryu Xero

Insane mode completed (x2).

2010-12-20 03:30:32 by crazygamer88

Yep... I completed insane mode 2 times. Green knight as multiplayer (1st time) and Alien as my solo. If anyone wants me to give tips on surviving insane mode, comment and/or PM me. Thanks to the other pros who helped me developed as being one of them. I'll pass down my knowledge on to you people.

Castle Crashers for PS3

2010-09-06 15:41:17 by crazygamer88

I tried the demo and see how it was. I was surprised how it played out. Should I buy it?

I REALLY hate 0 bombers.

2010-05-30 14:38:50 by crazygamer88

I hate people who keep zero bombing awesome works.

"I'm balancing out the score"
"I'm giving it a 0 because it's not popular"


New track

2010-05-30 13:57:52 by crazygamer88 /336794

Latest Soundtrack

2010-05-02 18:37:20 by crazygamer88 /329871

New Track

2010-04-26 11:59:04 by crazygamer88 /328265

New track up

2010-03-18 02:41:46 by crazygamer88

Give it a listen. /319065