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Updates (Music in LBP2 and Insane mode [Castle Crashers] x7 and counting)

2011-02-20 23:15:06 by crazygamer88

I've been experimenting a few things what I can do to make my music better in Little Big Planet 2. So far, I'm still lacking in the melody department, but my beats are fleshing out very nicely compared to before. I'm still trying to make a castle crashers character in there, but no success as of now.

On the other hand, I completed Castle Crashers in insane mode with 7 different characters for the PS3 version (I don't own an Xbox 360). I hope I can be the first person to get everyone to level 99 and finish insane mode with the rest of the characters (including the pink knight).

Anyways... my PSN is xforcegamer88. Please message me with your newgrounds screen name if you talk to me in the PS3. I tend to delete random, empty messages.

-Ryu Xero


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