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Update (10/28/2012)

2012-10-28 17:46:17 by crazygamer88

College and hiatus prevented me from going online in newgrounds. I still won't be able to make music until I acquire a mac.

Anyways, here's the highlights for myself recently:
-Earned "Beat Zico" (WipEout HD fury) [PS3]
Note: 1% of the owners have this achievement
-Five more characters reached insane status (Castle Crashers) [PS3]
-Collected everything functional dealing with gameplay (Team Fortress 2) [PC]

Highlights for everyone:
-Castle Crashers now available on Steam for $15 ($14.99)
Note: Can cross-play with Xbox 360 users

I will help people play Castle Crashers if they're willing to learn. I'm not as strong as before though, but I can still slaughter.


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