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2010-01-26 20:59:36 by crazygamer88

I haven't posted up in a while. Maybe that's why I'm not popular in here or something like that.

Pros vs Noobs

2009-09-10 20:27:59 by crazygamer88

I don't know how to do a survey but... how many people hate noobs in general?

Your mind or heart

2009-06-08 01:05:59 by crazygamer88

Do you value logic or emotions?

Few inspirations...

2009-04-14 02:07:30 by crazygamer88

"I rarely get inspired since I don't see this world as a good place to live."
"Peace was never there for me since there's constant shit going on with me."
"If fantasy makes us happy, reality makes us real."
"Failure and anguish is inevitable. Why even try?"
"You can never really please anyone if they want you to do it constantly."
"Hope is like a bird sleeping on a snake."
"My smiles hide my true self since I'm already isolated."
"Everything is a one life, one chance game."
"Trial and error is my daily routine."
"Emotions should be trashed since they hold no value and possibly hold me back from my objective."
"As an artist, we must express ourselves in a way we might get accepted."

These are all my thoughts how I feel constantly. At least it's a luxury to have time to put those down.

Medal system

2009-03-03 21:46:53 by crazygamer88

We know that medals in here are achievements. Out of curiosity, who cares about getting all of the achievements?

Blamming is fun XD

2009-02-11 20:50:34 by crazygamer88

Like the title says, blamming is fun. i used to try to save other users flash but... when I think about it, I'm not doing the community a favor. T^T so here I am.

-Ryu Xero: Blammer Hero

Any Tips Making Music?

2009-01-26 18:59:30 by crazygamer88

I'm a little bit struggling trying to create beats and melodies. Can anyone give me any tips on it?

Note: I don't write out long entries...

Nothing new

2009-01-20 00:42:27 by crazygamer88

Do you guys hate school?

I'm currently experimenting in Garageband and Logic Express on the Mac right now. Sometimes I play games like like Spore and Mario Kart Wii (I usually have to set up the games for my girl friends). I'm planning to buy some more game systems and other games since I REALLY feel outdated. That's all the rant I'll give for today...

Ryu Xero Hits Newgrouds

2008-12-07 15:27:13 by crazygamer88

This is Ryu Xero. I'll be posting music (if I can... =-=") in this site. So please give me any thoughs on it. It'll be good if I get some feedback.

Thanks~ XD

-Ryu Xero